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Bakeries & Sandwich Shops – Tiem Banh Mi

Vietnamese bakeries and sandwich shops are often called "Banh Mi" stores, where "Banh Mi" means bread or sandwiches. This is due to the fact that they almost always sell bread and Vietnamese sub sandwiches as their main products. Most of their other products include a wide range of prepackaged foods – everything from sweet desserts and beverages to heat-and-eat bun cha gio and banh cuon. Tiem Banh Mis are very much like the meals to go section of a typical Canadian supermarket - everything there is pre-made and ready to be served. Aside from sub sandwiches, most people come to Vietnamese banh mi stores to find their favourite desserts. Perhaps you'll find yours, too!

Try one of the sandwich shops listed on our site. In the meantime, here's a short list of some of the common desserts sold in Vietnamese sandwich shops.

Vietnamese Sub Sandwich - Banh Mi Thit
If you are looking for a cheap and satisfying lunch or snack, look no further - Vietnamese sub sandwiches are packed with cold cut meats, pickled carrot and daikon, homemade creamy mayonnaise, french-style liver pate, fresh cilantro and chili pepper. Ten years ago, the going price for one of these generously sized sandwiches was one dollar. Now, most subs go for about $2-3, however, you can often upgrade and get barbecued meats and sometimes have your sandwich grilled so that you can eat it piping hot. Cheaper versions are made with a ridiculously fluffy and crumbly baguette. The less messy, tastier and more expensive banh mi uses bread that bares more resemblance to French-style baguette. Together with a soft drink or juice, your meal will most likely cost you less than $5!

vietnamese sub sandwich, banh mi thit vietnamese sub sandwich, banh mi thit

Steamed Dumpling - Banh Bao
Banh bao is a kind of dumpling that has a wheat flour crust. Stuffing is made of minced pork, jicama, Chinese sausage, and quail egg or chicken egg. Banh bao can be eaten at any meal in the day, usually for breakfast. A delicious banh bao should be risen, soft and be served hot.

banh bao

Pigskin Cake - Banh Da Lon
Banh da lon is a kind of dessert from Southern Vietnam. It has a strange name, which literally translates to “pig skin” cake. It is made from tapioca starch, green pea, sugar, coconut, and pandanus. Banh da lon is steamed and cut into lozenge or triangle when served. Visit our blog to read more about banh da lon

banh da lon banh da lon

Banh Tet
Banh tet is a savoury cake made primarily from glutinous rice. The dough is rolled in banana leaves into a thick, log-like cylindrical shape. Stuffing can be meat, green peas, or banana. After cooking, the banana leaf is removed and the cake is sliced into wheel-shaped servings. Banh tet can be eaten as is, or fried.

banh tet chuoi

Banh Chung
Banh chung is a traditional Vietnamese rice cake, consisting of glutinous rice in a square shape wrapped in dong leaves (la dong) and stuffed with green peas, fatty pork, and black pepper. It is traditionally eaten during the Lunar New Year. Banh chung is served with pickled scallions, vegetable pickles or "dưa món". A good banh chung should be firm when cutting but the rice is soft and glutinous, has sweet smelling and greasy taste when eating.

banh chung banh chung

Sponge Cake - Banh Bo
Banh bo is made from vegetable ingredients- including rice flour, yeast, coconut milk and sugar- so it doesn’t have protein but some fat from coconut and carbohydrate from flour. A nice banh bo must be pure, tough, have spreading “bamboo root” ( air hole) and sweet smell of flour and coconut. Banh bo can be served with sesame salt or coconut milk.

banh bo

Moon Cake -Banh Trung Thu
Moon cake is named after the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebrated in Vietnamese and Chinese cultures. Despite its popularity and high level of deliciousness, this cake is only served during late September and early October, around the holiday. Visit our blog to read the full article on banh trung thu

banh trung thu - moon cake banh trung thu - moon cake banh trung thu - moon cake

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